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" Thank you for the amazing experience Mamta! It certainly was a flavor journey! Memorable. We'll look forward to visiting Tudore Tranquility again next year when we come back to Tokyo on another business trip." Tim & Amanda, USA

" 都心からほど近いのに閑静な住宅街にあるマムタさんのレストラン。ちょっと暗い路地に入ると、ほんわか明るい光が迎えてくれます。料理は全てが美しくかつ繊細で、とても楽しい経験でした。ありがとうございました。"

"If you are looking for an upscale vegan dining experience, than Tudore Tranquility is the solution. The setting is intimate but not intimidating. I immediately felt at ease as we waited for our deluxe seven-course meal to begin. My favorite dishes were Chickpea Cubes in Garlic Sauce and the Chia Seed Pudding for dessert. I love the food presentation as well. My guest and I both agreed that we could turn completely vegan with food prepared this deliciously. Mamta, the owner is passionate about her creations and also very warm and friendly. Highly recommended for a special night out".

"ベジタリアンってなんだか物足りなさそうと思う方はぜひここに足を運んでください!それぞれ素材の味が生きていて、バラエティに富んだ味。しかもボリュー ムがありお腹いっぱいになりました。一皿一皿が美しく、表情が全然違うんです。ベジタリアンの方にもそうでない方にもぜひ目と舌で味わい楽しんでほしいで す。お店も温かくリラックスできる雰囲気でゆったりくつろげました。"

"Mamta, spectacular food, presentation and hospitality. I am very glad you have opened a high-end vegetarian space. It is a place to bring clients for a healthy experience.

"I really enjoyed the variety of delicious vegetarian dishes - very creative and beautifully presented, too." Motoko

"Amazingly creative dishes, lovingly prepared, beautifully presented and bursting with flavour. Many congratulations on the opening of Tudore Tranquility, Mamta. The Uehara area has just gained a new star."

"Gourmet vegetarian dishes with great ambiance. Nothing like this anywhere else in Tokyo."

" The stuffed peppers and your signature Tofu dish were amazing. Food presentation was great! I wish you all the success and feel more people should know about Tudore Tranquility sooner than later." Tammy, Tokyo

This restaurant is an ONLY palace that we can have real VEGETARIAN food in Tokyo!! I strongly recommend everyone who even do not like vegetarian food, to try them!! Mamta-san serve us really tasty food, relax mood and fun time!! takashi, Tokyo.

"Wow, Mamta! ... The flavors definitely tickled my taste buds and the food presentation was very good. It's about time a high-end vegetarian restaurant was opened in Tokyo. Congratulations and you will be seeing us and our friends. Can't wait to try your other dishes!"

"Vegetarianism has been rapidly gaining momentum and dare I say, even a trendy, dietary options. That said, this is the ONLY place in Tokyo that has all the ingredients (not just the food but the overall atmosphere with the decor and lovely owner/chef) to become a sensation for the bio-crazed herbivoers. Tudore Tranquility will also be a delicious introduction of what vegetarian can be all about to those that are interested. Off the charts!"

"Cozy and relaxing ambiance with very creative dishes and a hospitable staff. The owner/chef is welcoming and her passion resonates through every dish. I left the place feeling 'wowed' by the whole experience. Truly a great restaurant to come with the family, friends, clients, on a date..."

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